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Cotton lanyards are probably the most comfortable to wear of all the different materials of lanyards. The reason why people enjoy wearing them so much is because the soft cotton fabric feels nice when in contact with the skin while naturally emulating the shape of the body. Unlike synthetic lanyards, cotton lanyards really feel as being a part of your clothing. There is no potential "scratchiness" as can often be felt wearing polyester lanyards. Synthetic lanyards can sometimes feel a bit unnatural and people have almost always preferred natural fabric instead. Even if most of them say “hey, its just a lanyard”, they will most always choose the one made of cotton if they have this option. In addition, some people are simply allergic to types of polyster, and thus MUST wear 100% cotton fabrics.

Cotton lanyards are a bit more pricy compared to synthetic ones but we find some customers consider it well worth the price. If you are looking for lanyards that will really stick with your customers or your staff, than you should definitely consider the cotton-made lanyards. Natural fabric have always felt of a higher quality and because they feel so wonderful when in touch with the skin, people enjoy wearing them even without any shirt on. Cotton lanyards are the most reliable lanyards from the standpoint of general preference.