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Customised Lanyards - Custom Made Lanyards

We can custom-make your logo neck lanyard. We can ensure everything about lanyards is customised to your exact requirements. This can include their shape of the safety brake the length of the lanyards the width of the lanyards the finish of the lanyards, the colour of the lanyard, the colour and the size of the logo. Also the repetition of the pattern and the accessories or at the base of the lanyard also the colour of the accessories at the base of the lanyard.

If you have a large corporate logo or promotional neck lanyards requirement please contact us with the details for a competitive quote. Alternatively, you may have a requirement for local government or a council whereby the lanyards has to be a certain length and width we can cater that this requirement. We can also offer a full range of accessories to go with the lanyards these include identity card holders USB sticks, hooks and lanyards reels.
If you have a specific custom-made promotional neck lanyards idea in mind, it may be helpful for you to send us a sketch.

Custom Made Lanyards

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