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Promotional Eco Friendly Lanyards are the perfect way to show that you are committed to environmental sustainability while promoting your brand on a durable, high quality product

Our Bamboo Lanyard is made from natural fibres and all species of bamboo grow rapidly. Due to the durability of bamboo, no pesticides or chemicals are needed to encourage the maturation and bamboo decomposes into a completely reusable and nutrient rich composted soil.

Our PET Lanyard is made from recycled bottles. PET is widely recycled as a material and makes a large contribution to the recycling targets for plastics by most countries in the world.

Please enquire if you require any further environmental information on these products.

We are making a conscious effort to be an environmentally aware company. All our lanyard inks are environmentally friendly.

This Neck Lanyard is individually wrapped for your convenience

Eco Friendly Lanyards

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